Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below Questions and Answers

1Do you offer free shipping?
Our shipping rates are calculated directly from Hermes, Parcel2go or the Postal Service based on your package's weight and the distance of delivering it. We have maintained the lowest possible prices for our products and continue to lower our prices whenever we can, The Price up to £14.99 will be charged with the option for free Delivery with a total of £15 or more. There will be vouchers offering free delivery from time to time.
2My order has not shipped yet, can I cancel it?
Because we process your order as quickly as possible, we can only accept order cancellations by 3 PM GMT Time the day the order is placed. Requests for order cancellations received after this time will not be accepted.
3How long do processing and shipping take?
Generally, packages leave our facility within a couple of days; occasionally we may be a little behind due to a holiday or order rush. From start to finish your order is processed, filled, and shipped by human beings! For the highest quality and freshness, all our products are hand-poured and filled to order, rather than pre-bagged. We pride ourselves on this personal touch to ensure every package is perfect. For additional information regarding our shipping policies please visit our shipping page.
4When will my pickup order be ready, and where can I pick it up?
TiltaySpice arrange local delivery services or send out the consignments by post if needed urgently. We process and package your pickup order by hand and doublecheck it for accuracy before we send it out. This extra attention to detail means that we need a little extra time to prepare your order. In most cases, if placed before our cut-off times, it will be available the next business day.
5Can I add to my order after it’s placed?
Because our payment processing centre pre-authorizes your credit card for the total amount of your order, we are unfortunately unable to make changes. Due to ecommerce regulations and for our customers' protection, we are not able to charge more than your original pre-authorization. Adding to or changing the order is not possible without voiding the pre-authorization or cancelling and refunding the original order.
6How do I purchase/apply a gift certificate?
We do not off gift certificates at this point in time but may introduce this at a later point in time.
7Do you ship internationally?
At this time, TiltaySpice is only processing and shipping orders with billing and destination shipping addresses located in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. We are not able to bill or ship to any countries outside of these destinations.
8Are any of your products organic?
We strive to sell organic products whenever possible. If a product is not organic, it is cultivated without chemicals, or wild harvested. Our staff constantly test our ingredients to ensure they meet our strict specifications and are free from adulterants and contamination, including pesticides.
9How are your products packaged?
We pride ourselves on making sure we use green materials to package and pad our boxes to ensure your order arrives safe and sound. Our herb bags are made up of recyclable plastics with minimum air inside the sealed bags.
10Can I return a product? What if I received the wrong item or my order was damaged?
Our guarantee to you is that if for ANY reason you wish to return the products that you have received, you may send them back to us postmarked within 30 days from the invoice date. If you have received the wrong item or damage occurs, please contact us at 020 8245 9126 or email us at
11There was an error message when I tried to check out, what now?
If you are experiencing an issue while entering your payment information, the billing address you entered might not match the address of the card being used. Our payment system requires that the billing address provided matches the card for our customers’ protection—this is a feature of the AVS verification system TiltaySpice and many online companies use. Please contact your bank to ensure your billing address is correct or if there are any other issues that may cause the payment to be rejected.
12Where is my tracking information?
Most orders take up to 2-3 business days to leave our facility after being hand-poured, scooped, and packaged with care. Rest assured, we will automatically send you an email with your tracking details and an estimated arrival date! If you have any questions about the status of your order, don’t hesitate to call our customer service team on 020 8245 9126 or email us at
13Why does it take so long for an item to come back in stock?
We prefer to let our shelves sit empty rather than sell our customers inferior stock. While it would be easy to purchase lesser quality botanicals, we are committed to bringing you only the best. Our growers are regularly impacted by unpredictability due to weather, crop success, and even international crises including conflict. When items do arrive at our facility, they are subject to our rigorous Quality Control Process in order to make sure we only provide the best herbal products to our customers. We order on a regular basis from our importers to ensure the best product delivered to you. As we self-pack all the salts, Herbs and spices this method allows to maintain a balanced flow of stock to accommodate selling through our website, to Third Parties, Small markets and Caterers.
14Where can I find a local market near to me that supplies your Product?
TiltaySpice when agreeing the sale of our goods to a store in the UK we add that store to the Store Locator which can be found on the main menu of our website. This also allows much coverage for the partners we associate with to get more online presence.
15Can I as a customer claim the VAT?
As 90% of the products we sell are not classed as Medicinal and just a food most of the items will not carry vat. We only place Vat on delivery costs by law and only add vat to certain products. You will only see Vat on checkout.