TiltaySpice life story.

Tiltay Spice

Our history. Simplified

Tiltay Spice is a trademark of Tasty Foods UK Ltd and has been involved in the spice business since 2004 in the United Kingdom. Since inception the company has expanded into different markets around the country as a supplier of high quality of herbs and spices.

The Tiltay Spice Story...

Growing up as a child I have always been intrigued where spices came from, the combinations of spices and flavours that have always tantalised my taste buds. The aroma in the air of all the different smells pushed me as a young adult to travel the world in search of different foods from different cultures.

Travelling to many destinations looking and researching the different styles of food and especially the ingredients that were used to make the food with. I would take with me spices that I have come across and investigated the market where I could get my hands on the variety of spices from that region. After speaking to locals and researching the plantations where the spices were grown I came back to the UK and after strategising how I would implement my findings into the UK market.

After giving out samples to my nearest and dearest and with such overwhelming support I was pushed forward to coming up with my own label. Tiltay Spice was born.

My aim...

Tiltay Spices, a new name for the spice world in London, is a trademark of Tasty Foods UK LTD and has been on the shelf in the UK since 2014. Since its establishment, Tiltay Spices has expanded into different markets around London, especially as a supplier of high quality herbs and spices.

Tiltay Spices, which entered the end market of long studies, have about 85 different spice varieties and are now meeting with consumers in 100 super markets in London. Kemal Bedensel, the manager of Tiltay Spices, especially prepared to meet the spice needs of the Turkish and Asian community in London, said, "The way to ensure that the meals are not only tastier and healthier is through spices, so we started with Tiltay in England to start with the best spice products. we aim to present to the world. My main occupation was accountancy and I worked in the spice sector for a long time. I have decided to establish my own spice company in accordance with the environment and information I have gained here. After years of hard work and detailed work, we are starting to offer such a brand to the market in London and we aim to introduce our brand around the world, not just in London. We do not have any additives in our spices, it is absolutely natural, we offer the spice varieties with the best quality and suitable fiyata in the UK as Tiltay Spices. " With many different kinds of spices, Tiltay Spices are working to satisfy customers by offering spices to Bulgaria and Africa on demand.

The Tiltay Spice Team

Tiltay Spice have skilled packers, Delivery Drivers, Spice and Herb Sourcing, It's own internal I.T Dept and Sales department. We take pride in the complete logistics of Tiltay Spice from the sourcing of the best spices globally, through to Logistics to having the products checked and shelved at all retailer stores.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

To providing quality premium products at market leading value, whilst ensuring that customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. To deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. To ensure market leading quality and value by constantly innovating and optimising our efficient processes, driven by technology and people. To work with business partners in sustainable relationships, contributing positively to local communities. To achieve long term success by investing in the recruitment, training and development of our people.